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In 2URVIVE, the world is devastated by a virus.
Your only goal is to defend yourself against hordes of Infected attacking you.
Infected are too numerous and sooner or later, your time will come !
If you're gonna die, fight till the end !
2URVIVE is a top-down zombie shooter with tactical and strategic elements.
Prepare yourself before every wave.
Buy weapons and ammo, set up turrets and stay alive as long as you can.
Each wave becomes more dangerous than the previous one and
the Infected are more and more numerous.



3 diffent game modes (2URVIVE, 28 days before, Mercenaries)
2 player local co-op for all modes
13 narrative episodes (with different areas and objectives)
10 weapons (shotgun, flamethrower, rocket launcher, etc...)
10 enemy types (Walker, Runner, Colossus, Dog, Zero, etc... )